I don't usually feature artists but Riusuke Fukahori is a worthy exception. This amazingly talented Japanese man is an inspiration to anyone making resin jewelry.

He painstakingly paints goldfish slowly and progressively on top of layers of poured resin for an incredible 3-D effect.  They are so life-like his work resembles still photographs.

This contemporary artist was inspired by a pet goldfish he owned and he has focused on goldfish themes ever since. 

His work was recently displayed in the Goldfish Salvation exhibition at the ICN gallery in London.Check out Dominic's Flickr collection for more fabulous pictures.

Check out this video which shows the artist at work.  It is nothing short of incredible.  His resin work is poured into containers such as wooden sake boxes but he can also paint on larger canvasses. I love how he uses a broom to do the tail towards the end.

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