Broken skateboards need not be sent to the dump. Not if Derek Keenan, the artisan behind MuKee on Etsy can help it! He reclaims old skateboards and gives them a new lease of life as jewelry!

This Denver based artisan cuts out various shapes from the skateboard decks, taking full advantage of the different kinds of patterns and colors. He adds, "Any small scratches or scuffs on them all come from their previous life as a skateboard, making each pair unique and one of a kind!"

They are fun and environmentally friendly. As if to prove that they did come from broken skateboards, the earrings are sometimes delightfully photographed hanging from the jagged edge of said skateboards. Neat!

 The cut out shapes for pendants are suspended on grouped wire necklaces for a contemporary look.

 MuKee also offers belt buckles sporting a rectangle of reclaimed skateboard in the front.

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