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Pearl and Ribbon Knotted Necklace Tutorial Shows the Power of 3

Steph over at Southern Fairy Designs created this pretty pearl and ribbon knotted necklace tutorial for herself.  It was inspired by an Anthropologie design called Power of Three. The 3-pearl clusters certainly catch the eye!

The well named design takes advantage of the rule of three concept used in various design disciplines, the arts even in statistics and mathematics, aviation, computing and economics.

While even numbers express symmetry, odd numbered groups look more appealing.  Planting say, 3 daffodils in a group instead of 2 or 4 looks way better. So it is with jewelry designing.

In fact, 3s abound everywhere you look.  In books, film and nursery rhymes such Goldilocks and the Three Bears,  The Three Stooges, The Three Musketeers and the Three Blind Mice.

The number 3 is also represented in religion - The Magi give 3 gifts to the baby Jesus and God is a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

We count to 3 and make 3 wishes. "Ready, aim, fire" is yet another version of how we use the number 3.

It is indeed a powerful number. Remember that.

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  1. Three is indeed a powerful number...3 states of matter, 3 time periods - past, present and future and so on...In hinduism we have The holy Trinity for both Gods (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva) and Goddesses (Lakshmi, saraswati & parvati), we have a 3 veni sangam - or confluence of 3 rivers

  2. Thanks for adding to the long list of why 3 is such a powerful and popular number!

  3. Love the list of three's!! I really like this necklace. thanks Pearl

  4. Wow thanks for mentioning my necklace post, I'm surprised after so long that people are still looking at it and it's by far the most viewed post on my blog!

  5. Glad to share your awesome design and tutorial and introduce readers to your blog!


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