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Really Easy Vintage Collage Pendant Tutorial to Try

Want to get started with something easy before plunging into resin work? Then you just have to try Heather's Vintage Collage Pendant tutorial over on her blog, BluKatDesign.

She used Sun and Moon glaze which I reckon is similar to Diamond Glaze.  You don't have to mix two parts, this dimensional adhesive is used straight from the bottle with no nasty fumes. Then the fun of adding all the elements begins.

I like this project because you can use either new supplies or even add really vintage or broken pieces of jewelry. Every design would be one of a kind!

Just a word of warning about inkjet printouts or paper that has the potential to bleed - seal it first. You can use Modge Podge or even some clear packing tape to protect the paper.  Some artisans use acrylic medium or acrylic gel medium from art stores.

Heather's lovely designs are vintage style but you need not choose vintage brass if you are more into silver.

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  1. What a great way to use broken gemstones. Looks like a super fun project.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Pearl! These are so fun to make!

  3. Very Clever and Fun I will Try this 4Sure:)

  4. I love that the glaze doesn't need to be mixed -- that's one thing that sometimes bothered me about resins.

    What a great way to recycle broken jewelry pieces!

  5. Awesome! I have some settings, some of my mom's old costume jewelry and some of the glaze. I'm in!

  6. This has been such a popular post likely because everyone can see themselves making their own!


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