Signe Albertson who now lives in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area describes her mixed media style as similar to collage.

Signe also adds, "Having a background in acting and theater design, I find inspiration for my jewelry from many different areas: classic Hollywood films, art, music and literature. " 

The stunning result is her collection known as Signe Style. She is able to bring together different jewelry making skills such as wire work, polymer clay, hand knotting and metal smith techniques.

Her stunningly bold and mostly one of a kind designs are created using a combination of precious metals, glass beads, crystals, wood, polymer clay and gemstones.

Bird in Garden
She explains her design philosophy, "When creating a piece of jewelry, I think about creating a picture that tells a story or evokes an emotion. I want each piece to express a point of view and, I hope, reveal something about the wearer."  I think she succeeds admirably in her goal!

Big Blue Bouquet


Baby Blue Lamb

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