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Amma Gyan's Stunning Molded Leather Jewelry

Leather is sometimes used in jewelry making.  One amazing artisan is Ghanian born but UK based Amma Gyan. Her studding molded leather collection features lovely organic shapes which really highlights the natural qualities of the material.

Her inspiration clearly comes from nature as her motifs are botanical - flowers and leaves. She not only has the skill to hand cut, dye and finish the leather but she also has the right touch when it comes to adding the Swarovski crystal and pearl accents. Some of her designs are brushed with gold metallic paint for that extra indulgent look.

Bridal Hair Rose
Her byline "Wear Me, Be You" is also clever as it plays on all her Me collections. Amma also makes leather purses and bags.


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  1. oh WOW ... that is gorgeous work! And that first necklace is a knockout! how amazing

  2. Amma Gyan's artistic eye and skills are phenomenal. Thanks again for sharing.

    via Facebook

  3. Hard to believe it's done with leather. Such detailing. Normally one expects to find leather used in more rustic, primitive designs but these pieces are definitely haute couture, very elegant and sophisticated.

  4. Glorioski!!! What incredible beauty -- I'm so glad you showed us this artist/artistry!

  5. Really is hard to believe it's leather. Really pretty stuff!

  6. I was atually at a jewellery show where Aman was displaying and selling her work. It was gorgeous in real life.

    She was very friendly and took time to explain her work to me & my friends.

  7. Really? You're lucky! She is indeed a lovely person as I found out in emails.


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