We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Those of us who can laugh at ourselves are more likely to enjoy better overall health according to a 2011 study!

Helping us get there is this hilarious video parody by Regretsy.  It was produced about a year ago and was kind of buried in Youtube because there are so many other parodies based on the same movie clip.  April's though nails it for crafters.  Tears rolled down my cheeks when I first saw it....and I did write about safety pin jewelry too!

The clip is from the internationally acclaimed and Academy Award nominated 2004 war movie  Downfall (Der Untergang) which is about the final 12 days of Hitler's life.

If you speak German, you will have to turn down the sound! As does the film's director who enjoys seeing all the different parodies.

The original Regretsy post was inspired by a pair of Native American style beaded moccasins.  Although the focal element is indeed used by the Navajo and other southwestern tribes as well as many other ancient civilizations in different parts of the world, it is worth noting that most people today only associate the ancient swastika cross with Hitler and the Nazi party. So it should used with great caution especially in the West.

Swastika originates from the Sanskrit word, svastika, denoting auspiciousness. The symbol predominates in some religions, notably the Indian based ones - Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.  It is also an East Asian (Chinese, Japanese etc) written character for eternity or Buddhism.

The counter-clockwise form of the swastika (at a 45 degree angle) was adopted by the Nazi party in 1920. In doing so, this ancient and ubiquitous symbol has perhaps become forever tarnished.

You can read more about the fascinating history of the swastika in Wikipedia.

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