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How to Prong Set a Large Gemstone Flower

There is nothing wrong with the traditional type of wire wrapping cabochons (see link below). These need at least 3 lengths of wire to go around the gemstone and some creativity with the rest of the wire around the bail.

It's a good way to secure a cabochon but after you see one design, most look rather similar.  It's then really all about variations of the wire end flourishes. That's why I liked the prong set variety. It's so different and unfussy.

Sherrie Lingerfelt has a wonderful tutorial for a prong set flower pendant over at Wire- Sculpture. As you can see, there is very little wire showing in the front so it doesn't detract from the lovely focal. 

The wire work though has to be very strong at the back. She used both square wire and half round wire. It's easier to wrap with this combination than if you used round wire.

This gemstone focal has a center hole so she added crystals to it.

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  1. Awesome tutorial, Pearl, very easy to follow although when you start, it looks like you're putting an aerial on the television LOL. It's very helpful because it will make a flower hang correctly which is hard to figure out. Thanks!

  2. Really like the clean, simple look it gives to the flower pendant, makes the eye focus on the pretty carved flower and not on the wire work.

    Had to laugh at Susanna's comment, it did remind me of those old time TV antennas that one used to have to fiddle with a very long time ago ... long before the days of cable and satellite dishes. Just realized that I can't even remember when I last saw a house that had one of those horrid looking TV antennas mounted on the roof, once upon a time they were as common as telephone poles.

  3. Well, I for one would prefer to see "antennas" on gemstone focals rather than the forest of tv aerials that once littered rooftops!

  4. I NEEEEDDD to make one!!

    via Facebook

  5. Thank you for this. I've got a MOP clasp that broke and I'll be able to modify this to remake the clasp using the MOP flower :-)

    via Facebook

  6. Again Thank you for this. MOP flower successfully pronged and wrapped to a new clasp. Without this I wouldn't have been able to do it. Great tutorial and not that hard to do.

    Via Facebook

  7. Lorraine - I need to make this too...once I get the wire in! Vicki - that was amazingly fast! Way to go!


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