Mandy Besek on Etsy is a contemporary textile and fiber jewelry artisan.  Her work is incredibly bold and colorful.

Mandy has a strong sense of color, texture and pattern consistent with her textile design training.She says, "My designs focus on vibrant colors and patterns, energetic tribal tones with textural inspiration from the most intricate moss and corals found in nature." Her pieces are created using free style crochet or hand wrapped and coiled.

Some are truly spectacular statement designs. The green bib necklace above was "inspired by mother nature's intricate line work as found in canyon walls, Aboriginal paintings, sliced agate stone, and ocean wave patterns."

Textile necklace - Devil Horns Thorns

Fiber Circlet Masaai Necklace

Textile Ombre Green Transition Necklace

Coral Lace Fiber Necklace

A few of her clever fiber pod  bracelet designs can be connected together to form an unusual necklace.

Mandy also does pretty cool animal prints of her watercolors. Her textile design background definitely shows in this multi-talented artisan's work.


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