You know those cardboard egg cartons?  Don't throw them away into the recycling bin! That's because Kathy over at the Merriment Design blog has a wonderful ring holder tutorial made from these cartons.

free jewelry making tutorial

Her well-illustrated and detailed instructions explains how to cut out the peaked parts of the egg cartons. These areas are in between the cups where the eggs sit.

free jewelry making tutorial

As you can see, they can be painted to match any decor.  They are ideal in the bathroom for keeping your rings safe while you wash your hands.  Won't they look lovely as a set on the window ledge?

Rings are small and are easy to miss.  A Swedish woman found that out to her cost when she took off her wedding ring and placed it on her kitchen counter. The Telegraph reported that she did not rediscover it until 16 years later on a carrot growing in her vegetable patch!  She now thinks the ring accidentally fell into the sink and was hidden amongst potato peelings which were then composted for her garden!

If you make jewelry to sell, these ring holders can double as ring displays. Perfect if you don't have a lot of rings to showcase.

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