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How to Make a Multi-Colored Wrapped Tribal Necklace and Bracelet

If you want to join in the fun and make your own tribal style jewelry, try Ariane of the Boat People's bright and cheery multi-colored wrapped tribal necklace tutorial. Her technique of working with several strands of embroidery floss or thread is really worth a look.

free jewelry making tutorial

 Her accompanying video tutorial makes the wrapping process much easier to understand. Ari uses shoelaces as the core but you could always use any suitable thick cord.  Check out the fabric store or consider using paracords.  Another option to finish the ends is to use big end caps.

As you can see from the blog pictures, Ariane's design can be worn with different outfits.

Jenni over at I Spy DIY also has the bracelet tutorial equivalent using just a simple button and loop clasp.

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  1. Great...If she had used just 2 cords instead of three she could have made an inbuilt loop and ball closure..we usually do in silk thread jewelry

  2. Great tut! I used to wear a stand like that in my hair when I was younger.

  3. Great tutorials. I bought a thin cord that has wire in it. It stays in place and I bet it would make a great tribal necklace. I must dig it out of my large stash!


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