Guest post by Nathalie Wilson is the curated online marketplace where independent jewelry and fashion accessory designers can showcase and sell their collections to an international customer base. There is a huge variety of designs and designers, with some of those specializing in bead work or simply including beads in their designs.

Sunset Boulevard Drop Earrings by Suzanne Dai (USA), $220
Deco-inspired stud earrings made of opaque and sparkly pronged rhinestone gems, backed in ivory leather

The site was born out of a truly inspired moment when one of the co-founders, Kiyan happened upon a rare find in the heaving Medina of Marrakesh. It was here that Kiyan realized that such unique design talent was almost impossible to find – and that when he found it, it needed to be shared with the world.
Camille Necklace by Krista R (Estonia), $195  
Antique lace, silk, hand embroidery, seed beading, rhinestone chains and Swarovski crystals

Now headquartered in London, Boticca has since handpicked more than 250 emerging designers from over 40 countries since its launch in 2009, with the site now offering a selection of 6,000+ pieces in a marketplace that is curated and edited by a team of fashion experts, designers, stylists and collectors who illustrate the culture, stories and inspiration behind each of the collections on the site.
So if you like the concept, you might be asking, “How can I become a Boticca jewelry or fashion accessory designer?”

Kaleidoscope Necklace by Lamprini (Greece), $270.50
cotton knitting yarn, metal chain and light blue crystals

Before you apply…

1. Look around Boticca
Unlike somewhere like Etsy or Artfire, Boticca is curated, which means that there is a certain style and standard that the curators look for and work hard to maintain. This ensures that the collections on Boticca remain true to the brand’s original vision – high-quality, unique pieces with a story from independent designers from around the world – and that the designers who do sell on Boticca are assured that the customers who come to the site are looking for a certain type of product. 

2. Understand the Boticca concept
Boticca is unique in that it is curated, and owes its conception to a genuine passion for beautiful jewelry and fashion accessories with lives and stories of their own. These pieces are made by real people who really care about their work and want to reach people who care as much as they do about handmade and unique designs, and making rare discoveries!

3. Ask yourself, “Does my work fit in with the Boticca style?”
Again, you will get a really good idea of what we look for if you look around the site.

Leaves Bracelet in Gold and Pink, by Black Frangipani (Singapore), $67.50
Bead knitted with Japanese silk thread and beads

Here is what Chiara Cirella, a Boticca style hunter has to say :

"As you will see when you look through the site, Boticca is heavily invested in the stories behind the pieces – as well as the stories behind the designers themselves.

“As a Boticca Style Hunter, it's really nice when I see that a designer has taken time to look around the site and really understand the concept of Boticca before they apply.

“We take quality very seriously too, so it's also important that the images, as well as the pieces themselves, that are up to the high standard of those already on the site.”

"We're passionate to hear about materials, and if a designer has developed different collections. We love it when designers include more than one collection when they apply, because it gives us a really clear idea of what really moves them as a designer, and it demonstrates consistent themes in their body of work.

“We look for a whole host of things in a new collection ranging from materials to the type of accessory, the quality and beyond. Most of all, however, we look for a unique story and concept behind a designer and their pieces.”

Kira Necklace by Gemma Redux (USA), $684
Fluorite gemstones and stainless steel chains, seen on celebrity Gayle King

Boticca is similar in many ways to other online handmade market places. Joining and opening a store on Boticca is completely free. There are also no listings or monthly fee but there is a commission if and when a piece sells. The commission rates are 25% for retail pieces and 20% for exclusive ones.

If you think you are a good fit, you can find out more and apply through the website.

Delight Bracelet by Waitz Design (Netherlands), $59
Soft calf leather, Swarovski crystals, silk and pearls

Nathalie Wilson is part of Boticca’s online marketing team and works closely with the style-hunting and PR teams to help promote Boticca’s independent designers.

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