Do you remember my body mannequin called Lola from my past post?  Well, I try and dress Lola up so she is more like a model for my jewelry.  I use neutral and plain clothing so I don't distract from the jewelry.

Karin over on the Waltzing Gypsy blog also has the same  type of plastic mannequin as I do. Only she calls hers Marie.  Like the ultra "tanned" Lola, Marie also has a strange skin tone and the fine striations on the surface don't really help either.

decoupaged manequin tutorial

Karin also observed, "My other concern was that if potential customers didn't identify with the clothing, they may opt to not buy my jewelry." Good point.

As the mannequin looks really weird without clothes, she decided to decoupage it and make it more like a vintage dress form.  (Update : her tutorial is no longer available.  Check out this cool sewing pattern version for a similar inspiration or Neena's all music sheet one.

If you are game to make your own mannequin entirely from scratch, then take inspiration from Laura over at Cook On Strike.  Her tutorial is based on the technique sewing enthusiasts sometimes use to make casts of their own torsos starting with good old duct tape.  She shares all kinds of tips on how to make this mannequin work specifically for jewelry photography. It was well worth the effort!

DIY mannequin jewelry display

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