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It's one thing to be committed to saving energy but it is quite another to promote it in a uniquely jewelry way!  Jonathan Hunt's solar panel jewelry designs certainly does and make great conversation starters!

eco jewelry

He takes pieces of actual photovoltaic cells panels either laminates them or embedded in a clear photo stable epoxy resin before being attached to jewelry findings or cord.

eco jewelry

Jonathan says, "When I'm not making jewelry, I'm raising my family in an eco-friendly way and writing for the green living blog my wife and I started."

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  1. I wonder if it's possible to use the collected solar energy for something. Like charging your cell phone or your notebook.

  2. This particular designer's pieces don't collect solar energy. But the designer in the first link does with a rechargeable collar that lights up the LED piece. It is technically possible to redirect that energy with the right bits to charge up say a calculator but I do not know if there would be enough to do a notebook or cell phone and still be be able to wear the thing!

  3. These are awesome! I particularly love the pendant necklace...... The concept is great, and I love the geometric blue designs that come from the pieces of panels. Nice find!


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