I normally keep jewelry in zip lock bags to keep them from tarnishing too quickly.  I've also saved and reuse those little dessicator bags you get with many products these days.  Keeping the moisture away from silver will reduce the tarnish rate.

But I often store my jewelry for sale still hanging from my various display racks.  I bagged those and throw in some anti-tarnish paper strips  I bought  from a jewelry supplier to keep the air trapped inside dry.  It sort of works but I would rather use a cheaper method as these plastic bags are much larger than zip locks and more difficult to keep dry.

So I was thrilled when I came the chalk idea on Real Simple.  Just chalk, a bit of string and muslin cloth and there you have it! A home made anti-tarnish method!

Sidewalk or blackboard chalk is made from calcium sulphate, the same stuff scientists used as a dessicant in the lab.

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