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Makeover a Broken Necklace into Straps for a Tank Top

I've featured bra strap jewelry before where beaded strands are used in place of regular lingerie straps. They sure are pretty especially in the summer months when the straps are likely to show.

Stacie Grissom over at The Fashion Spot Canada has an even better idea.  Her tutorial shows how to convert a broken chain necklace into straps for a tank top. It is a double makeover as not only does she recycle the necklace but updates the plain top too.

Too modest to go bra-less?  Well, you could wear a strapless bra or consider substituting your bra straps with beaded ones!

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  1. Very pretty and green design!

  2. Such a great idea!! And pretty too....wouldn't have thought of that. Nice find!

  3. It's a great idea. A pretty way to update an outdated T-top.

    As for the braless part, I'm afraid I am long past that stage in my life :D but there are a lot of bras out that come with fancy straps ... lacey, rhinestone studded, in various colors or thin little ribbon like straps.

  4. Beaded bra straps would not hold for me. Not anymore. :)


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