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Turkish Round Chain Maille or Mail Tutorials

Reader Gay found my blog through my Full Persian chain maille video on Youtube.  It proved enormously useful enabling her to complete her bracelet.

In her email she also asked, " I am desperately looking for a video on "Turkish Round" but can't find one anywhere. I bought a book with the pattern in it but cannot figure it out this way! "

I can see why Gay found a book pattern difficult to fathom.  Many people learn chain maille better from a video or an instructor in a class.  That's because the instructor can demonstrate the little tricks it takes to accomplish a weave.

The good news is there is indeed a Youtube video already for the Turkish Round Maille, a delightful pattern featuring sets of 3 rings. The video by Beadaholique has been labelled as Round Maille Weave which may not have been obvious to searchers.  (If you are a tutorial designer, please make sure you title tutorials well so search engines can locate it easily.)

You will have to "cup" the project with your fingers as Andrea, the instructor does.  With practice, it will get easier. If you are having trouble with this, try working with two colors like the instructor until you get the hang of it.

I also like this static tutorial by cohort from M.A.I. L - Maille Artisans International League. You can get a whole ton of free tutorials from this site.

Have fun and be sure to check out my past posts on chain maille tutorials.

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  1. I learnt it by this one:

    Good pics! Turkish Round looks so good. I made a bracelet about half a year ago and it's still one of my favs.

  2. Thanks for the tip about another tutorial, Dagi! It helps to see more than one tutorial.

  3. I just bought a whole bunch of jump rings wanting to make chain maille but all weaves I tried are stuck..with the pattern clumping up..will try this one out n see

  4. You need to measure the internal i.d. of the rings and know the gauge of wire used. The aspect ratio needed for a given weave is important. I suspect you are not using the right aspect ratio for the weaves you are trying.

    Here is an explanation of aspect ratios :

  5. I tip my hat to those who do chain fingers just won't cooperate when I try to do anything that intricate!


  6. I took a class actually at our own studio, with a great teacher named Ed Furner and he thought us so nicely, I make two bracelets that day, but nothing since, I think having a tutorial near by probably would help keep me going...I now have some respect for artists who work in Chain Maille everyday...its hard

  7. The video tutorial you link to is not for Turkish Round. It is in fact a tutorial for Roundmaille as it's labeled. The CGI tutorial by cohort is Turkish Round, as well as this video on YouTube, though it doesn't show the construction process very well.

    See these entries on M.A.I.L. for the difference between Roundmaille and Turkish Round:

  8. Thanks for the videos and links. Will look them up!

  9. Thanks for the videos and links. Will look them up!

  10. Wonderful tutorials. Thank you Pearl. But I can see this is something I should not attempt to try after having drank too many cups of coffee !


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