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How to Safely Remove Beading Mistakes

Sally Banks, a fellow Canadian jewelry artisan who also teaches beading knows that mistakes happen - even to the most experienced.  Perhaps you can't do anything but undo or pretend you didn't notice if you missed a bead. However, you can indeed remove an extra bead.

But you have to be careful or else you might take out the wrong bead! Check out Sally's tip which is to use both a needle and a crimping pliers to select and crush the offender.

Alternatively, you could use just a chain nose pliers like I do. The tapered tips of the pliers will help select the right one.  Whichever tool you use, just make sure you do it safely by cupping your free hand over the project so small glass fragments are contained.

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  1. Most helpful tip indeed. Mistakes invariably happen, it's a part of being human, just wish all of them were as easily corrected.

    I've tried to convince myself to overlook something like a bead out of sequence, telling myself how the American Indians actually incorporate an errant bead that they call a "Spirit Bead" into their work. They believe that only gods are perfect and for man to achieve perfection would upset the gods, therefore there is usually an offering (the spirit bead) to appease the gods. Funny how a number of my pieces have Spirit Beads that I didn't even plan on. :D

  2. I like to use chain nose pliers for this purpose too!! Although I have also totally taken out the wrong bead, which is incredibly annoying. So a clever idea to use a needle before breaking off the bead!

  3. You're not the only one with unintended spirit beads! I have those too as well as unintended extra knitted and crochet stitches!

    Yes, the needle trick is a good one because I have taken out the wrong beads before too.


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