Remember my crochet and chain mixed media bracelet tutorial?  I had a lot of fun experimenting with different yarns and leather.  Well, here is another wonderful tutorial by Team Kollabora along the same lines.

There are just 3 rows of crochet. Some people may misunderstand how the shaping is done so I shall elaborate here. The first row requires 3 single crochet into each link.  The second row is also single crochet into every stitch.  The shaping is accomplished with the last row in double crochet because unlike the previous row, the double crochet is carried out on every other stitch. Brilliant!

Please note that the tutorial is on the Kollabora site which is "a social platform for DIYers, consisting of a craft supply marketplace and multiple maker communities linking projects, supplies, and how tos." A sort of Etsy meets Pinterest (but much smaller than either of them)! You do need to join (free) to see the tutorial. 

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