Ever want to make your own pronged gem jewelry without doing any metal work or knowing anything about gem setting? If so, consider using commercially available snap set findings. Some brands include Snap-Tite and Sure-Set which you can buy from many jewelry suppliers. There are many types of mountings which you can use for earrings, pendants and rings.

This video tutorial by JTV (UPDATE : tutorial no longer available) shows how easy it is to snap a a mounting onto the gemstone. You can also do the reverse and place the mounting prongs up and press the gem into place.

Some general tips :

  • use double sided tape (or a circle of scotch tap with ends taped together) on the surface to keep the gemstone steady
  • don't place the gemstone on a good surface without some sort of protection because harder gemstones might scratch the table.
  • faceted gems are easier to set for a beginner than a cabochon because the former has a flat "table" unlike a rounded cabochon
  • round faceted gems are easier to set than rectangular and square ones because there is no possibility of getting the setting crooked
  • While earring snap set findings have handy posts to hold onto, press down on the main body of the mounting not on the post which can bend and break. Use tweezers. Alternatively, hold the earring post in the fingers of one hand and snap in the gem with the other hand.

This Art Jewelry Magazine tutorial for a lovey wire wrapped snap set gemstone pendant is no longer available. But the design should inspire!

Also check out how I made my Swarovski montee ring tutorial which is one way you can wire up snap set gemstones .

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