If you're into Fall crafts, then these tutorials are just for you!  Halloween and Thanksgiving are just round the corner. First up are the fun tatted pumpkin necklace and matching earrings tutorials by Penolopy Bulnick over at Instructables.

She uses a tatting needle rather than a shuttle to tat. I myself prefer using the needle rather than a shuttle. It's easier to make even stitches with a needle.  (See links below for tutorials).

Can't tat? You could buy pumpkin beads or make your own from polymer clay.   A really super tutorial is the one by Laura over at Cook On Strike. These will look good as earrings or strung along a necklace with other beads in between.

A beaded pumpkin tutorial using seed beads and RAW (right angle weave) is yet another option.

Then again you could also bling up the actual pumpkin itself!  Jewelry designer Eddie Borgo who makes studded bracelets used some of his supplies to make a bejeweled pumpkin a few years ago! If studs do not feature in your supplies, you could try poking headpins with beads into the pumpkin.  I'm not sure if you have to sharpen said headpins first in order to pierce the thick skin of the pumpkin!

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