Boda Szilvia  is an accomplished wire worker with an Etsy store of the same name. Szilvia (she says Hungarians write their surnames first) also shares a few awesome tutorials on Deviantart.  I particularly liked her tutorial on how to wire wrap an asymmetrical pendant.

It's aclever way to wire wrap using coiled wire accents around a focal bead. Shown above is the back of the pendant which is just as lovely as the front.

In her second tutorial, she goes over how to oxidize the pendant using a hard boiled egg. This is the easiest way to patinate the sterling silver without using liver of sulfur.

Notice she uses the whole egg and a smallish container both of which worked in her favor.  If you're wondering if the white or yolk works best and why a container is best,  please check my past post, Tips on How to Use Boiled Eggs for Metal Oxidation. My experimental results show what you should and should not do. It also explains the science behind the process.

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