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Smashed Button Jewelry by Christine Marie Davis

Life dishes out lemons from time to time. But Colorado based Christine Marie Davis turned hers into "jewels"!  This inspiring artisan has an Etsy store called Christine's Cabinet  which specializes in handmade eco jewelry. She works with salvaged metal and unusual found objects.

Cinderella Gypsy Necklace

Her distinctive line of smashed button jewelry came about on a day of particular frustration. She was so angry and disappointed that no one on Etsy wanted to buy her collection of vintage metal buttons. So she took her hammer to them - every single last one. Not only did she feel much better, the flattened metal buttons became so much more interesting. Christine then layered and riveted the buttons into unique charms and a new collection was born!

Christine's original smashed button charm necklace
Her smashed button jewelry collection requires lots of buttons. She eventually had to purchase 10,000 buttons from one presumably deliriously happy button seller!

Christine says she has been collecting "stuff" and scrounging since she was a teenager. The creation of her smashed button jewelry line was serendipitous but her ability to see the potential in all sorts of unwanted material is remarkable. Just check out her store and see for yourself!

Queen of the Bohemian Gypsies Large Smashed Button Pendant
She describes her wonderfully eclectic style of jewelry making very well -"Gypsy style with a steampunk edge, primitive objects paired with Victorian charms, bohemian with a little tribal dance thrown in."  

Eco jewelry at its best.

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  1. Wow - another great artist, Pearl!

  2. Christine is that and a wonderful inspiration to us all.

  3. Beautiful and unique jewelry, very inspirational.

  4. Thanks Pearl this is great. I will put a link in my October Newsletter going out tomorrow. Yeah!!!

  5. Wonderful, Christina - your fans will be thrilled! Thanks for the mention!

  6. How original - certainly inspiring me to work with more metal!

  7. Wow! I didn't know smashed buttons could look so good (-; Beautiful and unique work.

  8. Very unique and hard to believe they started out as metallic buttons. Usually my fits of exasperated frustration doesn't turn out so fortuitous. :D

  9. "She eventually had to purchase 10,000 buttons from one presumably deliriously happy button seller!"

    I laughed out loud and enjoyed every word of this post. The emotion, the innovation, the genius are so very inspiring. Next time I have a bad writing day, maybe I'll get my hammer out....

  10. Angela, thanks for your great comments. The button seller WAS delighted, or i should say more like relieved. She had bought a truckfull of buttons and had been selling them in little 20 lot bags on Etsy for years. It would have taken 10 years to sell them at that rate!

  11. Thank you Pearl for the inspiration of the day. I will use this word to say it "Awesomeness" on her story. Each day I look forward to reading your "The Beading Gem's Journal". I always leave with a Gem for the day after reading it.

    Have a blessed day,Doris


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