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Hand Painted Lace Jewelry by White Bear Accessories

I haven't yet stumbled upon a jewelry design niche to call my own. That's why I admire artisans who have succeeded.   Lindsay Bleier, who followed me on Twitter is one inspirational example.  Her Etsy store, White Bear Accessories specializes in lovely hand painted lace jewelry.

Lindsay who is now based in Florida, has been making her own jewelry for 15 years. She opened her store about a year and a half ago. She named it after her little dog, a Bijon/poodle who resembles a white teddy bear!

Her colorful and feminine lace one of a kind collection has been a hit since her store opened. Her style of painting often in the ombre or rainbow mode is certainly effective as she takes full advantage of the lace patterns.

I really don't know when she finds the time because Lindsay is also " a professional actress, real estate agent, brand ambassador, party planner and all around rock star!"  Yes, Lindsay - you rock!

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  1. These are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring White Bear! I really appreciate it <3<3

  3. These are breathtaking!! Pearl, you are going to be my one-stop source for all things Christmas gift!! You find the most beautiful creations out there!

  4. Beautiful and really clever too..painting often makes the lace sturdy and makes great jewelry :)


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