Stretchy bracelets are all about convenience. Not having to fiddle with clasps is a good thing although the elastic used won't last forever.  With chain mail, the elasticity is built in with synthetic (latex free) rubber rings.  These come in a range of colors.

Keen to try? Then check out the 6-1 European chain mail stretch bracelet tutorial by mrmurcox on Instructables. The rubber rings alternate with metal ones.  You can make it in any width you want.  As he pointed out, this is a project ideally suited for when you are watching tv!  A 7 column wide version takes him 3 hours.  As you can see from his video, it does take a while.

If you are too impatient  or wish to consider a narrower style, then revisit Unkamen's Persian stretch chain mail bracelet pictorial I featured before.  My past post also contains a discount code for his store exclusive for readers of this blog.

Some people also mix in rubber rings to create chain mail watch straps.

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