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Whimsical Wire Bookmarks by Turanian Walk

Marcsi who hails from Hungary, is an accomplished wire artisan.  But her Etsy store, Turanian Walk, focuses on whimsical wire bookmarks.  Her animal ones shown here are particular charming!

Her cat and mouse ones were my favorites.  The pair would make a wonderful gift. 

She is able to form such delightful yet functional creations with just wire swirls and the right bends.  I also liked her rendition of a small bird and a swan.

Why Turanian Walk? Marcsi explains, "Tūrān (Persian: توران) is the ancient Iranian name for Central Asia, literally meaning "the land of the Tur". From this place , where all kinds of nomads mixed freely, the ancient Hungarians started their journey. That’s the reason you can find Turkish, Egyptian, Sumerian and Hun influences in our culture."

A perfect invitation to take a walk in her store!

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  1. I love these...these are so creative and quirky and look DIYable too

  2. Thank You, I'm grateful for your attention.


  3. Pearl...these are so cute. I love making bookmarks and had to give these a try myself. I am always losing umm misplacing mine. ^_^

    I love this artist work and I hope you both don't mind that I put in link in my post today leading folks back here to ya'll.


  4. You're kidding? Of course I don't mind! I am just delighted you want to share. Thanks, Regi!

  5. You are so welcome. I have been MIA somewhat of late but will be visiting more frequently..I promise!!!

    Hugs ^_^


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