Shrink plastic is a medium that some jewelry artisans are exploiting to great effect.  Heidi Cain, the Oregon artisan behind Passionflower Jewelry,  says, "It's a blast from the past with a little love, imagination (and an oven) it's turned into miniature pieces of wearable art." 

Heidi's jewelry certainly showcases her talents as an artist. She has been making her art jewelry for over seven years now. "Each piece is still drawn, printed, colored, cut, baked, beaded and assembled by hand." As shrink plastic is so light, Heidi takes full advantage by making large pieces.

Her collections are divided into white and colorful collections.  The white designs play on shapes and the sharp contrast of black on white. Her bird designs are outstanding.

Heidi has been exploring geometric designs lately. Shown below is her modern tribal necklace based on triangles.

You can purchase her jewelry at her Etsy store.

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