We get a lot of snow in Canada. Alas, there is no easy way of shipping it all away.  So it helps to look at the positives. Snowflakes are indeed pretty! Not surprisingly, it is a popular motif for jewelry artisans and for those who like to make ornaments.  This wire wrapped snowflake "Faeries Frost" pendant tutorial by Rhonda Chase is a beauty! 

Less challenging but still awesome is the  wire work pendant design is by Judy Aussenhofer, who called it "Snoflinga" which is Swedish for, you guessed it, snowflake.

There are really many ways to make bead and wire snowflakes!Here is a tutorial from Rings and Things.

This tutorial by Firefly was for a Christmas ornament but scaling down the size could work for jewelry pieces.

Another easy tutorial is by KayRay.org. Shown here is just one of many variations pictured on the site.

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