Some of the most striking necklace designs are bead and fiber creations. They are not just eye catching but the fibers introduce different texture qualities. The designs can be made to closely match outfits.

Here is a free project, the Chunky Gold Net Necklace by Jane Olson-Phillips. It's a modern take on macrame. What I like about the project is the non-metal approach which will appeal to those who have allergies. The big beads you see were hand made from polymer clay. The clasp is a button.

It's from her book, Bead and Fiber Jewelry: Elegant Knotted Designs.

Bead & Fiber Jewelry: Elegant Knotted Designs

This stunning crochet fiber-wrap necklace tutorial by Cyndi Lavin over at Beading Arts is pure genius because it is really easy to create.  It needs large hole beads but otherwise is a great way to use up yarn stashes. As you can see by her two different version how easy it is to come up with unique designs.

Artistic types should head over to Joanne Thieme Huffman's mixed media Color Mists Charms & Fiber Necklace tutorial. There you will learn how to make charms from water color paper, color mists and glaze. Just gorgeous and unique! Via


Other Fiber Necklace Tutorials
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