When I first came across Catherine's tutorial on Olive Bites, I was instantly charmed. It is a simple yet effective recycled jewelry design with plenty of potential.

The horizontal pendant is made from a short plastic tubing with a roll of paper inside and stopped up on either side with recycled corks.  As Catherine says, the paper is easily replaced for different looks.  I also agree this makes a great kids' craft project.

Instead of patterned paper, you could use some printed words, too.

There are different ways to up the ante on this project.  One way is to use  glass tubing - you will have to have a glass cutter and some way of smoothing the sharp edges.

Catherine just placed her corded piece over a chain on her mannequin. I wonder if the leather cord was replaced by a chain with several of these tubes arranged in descending order down the front of the necklace?  Do you see what I mean?

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