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Airy Crochet Necklace Tutorial Using Fishing Line

Sometimes I have to kick myself.  I usually think of using wire or yarn for making crochet necklaces.  But why not good old fishing line to make a light and airy crochet necklace?

The original Russian tutorial needs to be translated. Computer users : Use the Chrome browser, right click anywhere on the page and select "translate to English".  Mobile device users : Download the Chrome app, add the URL. The app asks if you wish to translate. 

 As you can see, the effect of several crochet strands is stunning whether seed beads or a mixture of bead types are used.  What is different from the typical crochet technique is the grouping of 3 beads in each chain.  Finishing with conical beads is recommended.

A really lovely alternative to illusion necklaces!

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  1. They look lovely! I rarely use illusion cord or fishing line, but have an old roll somewhere. This would be a great way of finally using it (haven't touched it since I used it for photograhing earrings suspended in the air).

    Once, at a flea market, I bought a necklace in another variation on illusion necklaces. It was made of three strands of fishing line with crow beads and round plastic beads knotted into groups or clusters of three. Rather nice: chunky, but still not too chunky and with some air between the beads.

    I've got a pic of the necklace here if you're curious about it: (just don't look too closely at the last necklace, which is a variation on the original necklace: I made it as a newbie and find it a tad embarrassing today...)

  2. Great tip with the clustered beads idea! I think variations of different types of beads will also work.

  3. I like the idea of using fishing line as it will be light. You can put lots of beads in the necklace and it still will be light. I love the one done in spring colors!

  4. These are lovely..will try it out

  5. Thank you! I have a blog hop coming up where I was stuck for ideas. That second necklace spurred my muse into high gear.

  6. That's what my blog is for - daily inspiration!

  7. I don't see the tutorial here. I want to try this!!!

  8. Click on the link - it's the phrase I used "translated by Beads A-Z". Enjoy!

  9. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this! I am a fan of crochet-bead jewelry and this is awesome! Thank you!

  10. Hi Pearl, was the translated link removed?

    Thanks ever so much again for the Journal. I look forward to every one, and save all past issues. These journals are quite a treasure, and I am so happy that I found the Beading Gem.

    1. The link appears to be dead! Thanks for letting me know. I have removed it. So you need to translate the original Russian one.

      So pleased you like the Beading Gem! These entries are also my own notes so I can refer to them as you are!


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