I really liked the chopstick based home made bracelet fastening tool I wrote about sometime ago.  It is a simple concept - the handle and hook combination helps hold one end of the bracelet while you attach the clasp.  But there is another way which uses only wire.

Rena's bracelet fastening tool tutorial is a clever one which incorporates a ring portion to help the user steady the tool and keep a firm hold on the end of the bracelet. I just had to try it out!

Don't use any metal that tarnishes.  I used 16 G color coated copper wire and 16 G aluminum to make mine. Other wires to try include stainless steel or even galvanized steel from the hardware store. Perhaps recycle unwanted wire hangers from the dry cleaners. 

I made a couple of modifications to her tutorial.  I added an extra loop on the ring side.  It is more comfortable to wear this way.  It also allowed me to add a decorative charm.  I made the partial loop at the other end more hook-like for a good reason as I shall explain below.

The concept is again brilliant easy.  Just slip the jump ring side of the bracelet on all the way down to the "V":

Then it is a matter of wearing the ring, wrapping the bracelet around the wrist and attaching the clasp.  Notice that I am not wearing the ring as a proper ring because that is not its function.

Rena made the descending arm of the "V" 6 inches as she said she had bigger hands.  I tried it at 4.5 and 5 inches and it still works for someone like me who has small hands.  There is really no need to make different sizes as the user can move the ring portion up and down the finger as needed.

I changed the partial loop to a hook because I found the loop a tad more inconvenient when sliding the bracelet off. You could also omit loops and hooks entirely as the "V" keeps the bracelet safely on the tool. 

Some of the alternative tools I used to make the bracelet fastener made the tasks easier and faster - consider making a few simultaneously. These included a nylon jawed pliers to straighten wire:

The ring forming stepped pliers created the ring portion.  Pliers grip the wire to help in the bending process. (See my recent How to Make a Stamped Ring using a Metal Blank for another use of this tool)

And my most favorite tool of all, the large bail forming pliers for the "V" portion.  (See How to Use the Bail Forming Pliers.)

They are so inexpensive to make.  Make these tools to give away to your friends and family.  Rena also included great tutorials on how to make envelopes and bags for these tools so you could  properly gift it.

If you are an artisan, consider giving them to your customers who purchase your bracelets.  It's a fantastic inducement to buy because many people hesitate to wear bracelets. They know bracelets are hard to put on without help.

Rena also says you can make them for sale - her suggested price is between $3-5.  She also shared the written instructions so you can print them out.  Have fun demonstrating how they work at your next craft show!

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