One annoying thing about using bead looms is the long lengths of warp threads which have to be dealt with after the piece is finished.  However, this utterly brilliant tutorial by Kathy Kotinsky  eliminates that problem.  You'll see that the warp threads just wraps around the removable knitting needles. You'll need Google Translate as it is in Russian.

The loom can be made so easily from some wood lengths, eye screws and knitting needles.. Her Youtube video clearly illustrates the whole process.  Kathy's English site is worth a look too for her section on free tutorials marked live lessons.

Chris Franchetti Michaels, jewelry making author and bead work guide on (who also reads this blog)  wrote the static tutorial on how to bead using this loom in English but with one twist  - she uses a picture frame. Sure saves have to hammer a wood frame together!  She also included other tips.

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