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Fiber Art Necklaces by rRradionica

I was so pleased when rRradionica on Etsy started to follow me on Pinterest. That's because  I was able to discover the work of a very talented Serbian family. The team consists of the mother, Margita and her 3 daughters - Marijana, Hristina and Aleksandra.

Their shop is filled with amazing one of a kind fiber art jewelry made by Margita, Marijana and Hristina with Aleksandra taking care of "branding, photography, promotion and customer service."

The shop name is unusual.  They explained, "In Serbian, ‘radionica’ means ‘workshop’; our last names are Radovanovic, so three Rs are for three Radovanovic daughters. In English, the name of our shop would be worRrkshop."

Their creations are a joyful mix of different types of techniques including crochet and knitting.  The materials also vary enormously from yarn, felt, buttons, textile beads they make themselves to even bamboo ones that originally grew in their garden! Every piece is unique, a complex mix of colors, shapes and textures.

The fastenings of my favorite necklaces are also delightfully inspirational  One wonderful purple and green design consists of 2 necklaces which can be worn separately or together as shown below.

Their combined work sure makes the case that handmade is far superior to factory made. How else can one get such distinctive and original designs?

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  1. Thank you for featuring our work :)

  2. These ladies do truly beautiful work - utterly inventive. Their facility with color combinations is nothing short of phenomenal!
    I wish them the best of luck and hope having them featured on this blog nets them more sales!

    It is really interesting to me when I see such glorious work on Etsy that has been there a while - with a fairly large number of favorites and views but fairly few sales.
    As someone who follows fine craft, as well as DIY trends, it always makes me wonder why? Could the offerings be marketed better? Is the Etsy shop simply open for exposure? Or is everyone just going to look, finding 'inspiration' for their own work, then basically thinking 'It wouldn't cost that much for me to do why buy it?'
    Of course, it would be difficult to imitate the unique flavor of those pieces in any way - so if this is what folks think, they are probably fooling themselves.
    Thanks so much for featuring these ladies' work, Pearl!!!

  3. Jewelry does sell better offline but online stores are a good way of having a website or portfolio of your work. Some online markets like Etsy do get you traffic but as always self-promotion and marketing is necessary.

  4. I had no idea there was a team behind this gorgeous jewelry! I always assumed it was one person.

    Anyway, I love their stuff. It's so colorful and unique and... just amazing. :)

    Have you ever featured Joan Babcock's work, Pearl? She's another favorite of mine. Beautiful wire and fiber work.

  5. This family is amazing! I haven't yet! But I have Joan Babcock in the queue somewhere!


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