Lots of us adore making chain maille jewelry.  But in glass not metal rings?  Leave that to Kim Edwards of Lone Tree Studio, a truly innovative artisan!   Instead of using metal jump rings like the rest of us, Kim uses her skills as a lamp work artist to create glass rings!

What she does is an incredible feat. Think about it. She is working with molten glass!  She must create not just rings but uniform ones of the right dimension so they work with whatever weave she is trying to accomplish.

She explains, "I shape each link individually in the flame and add links as I go to create the chain. I use a glass called borosilicate, which is the scientific name for Pyrex, so in spite of its delicacy, the chainmaille I create is fairly strong." 

She stumbled upon her novel method when she was distracted - her grandfather had just passed away - and was aimlessly playing with glass creating loops and squiggles.  After that, she wondered if she could join the pieces together to form chains. It was a short hop to the chain maille concept!

Astonishingly, Kim is now looking at more complicated weaves! Check out Jewelry Making Daily's full interview with Kim.

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