Last week's Modahaus Photo Studio giveaway was a huge hit.  No wonder. Jewelry photography is something many of us struggle with.   Tz Place was right when she said, "Having good images of your product is important. A person should have as close to touching an item as possible when viewing an image."

Selling jewelry online is competitive so this quote from an Arts Business Institute blog post hits home -  "On Etsy, you compete with the quality of your images." Yikes.

So no wonder some of you have yet to upload to an online store.  Charlotte said, "Maybe a Modahaus will magically take away my fear of jewelry-photography!"

Kim Idalski admitted and wondered,  "I have I over 300 finished pieces if jewelry and art waiting for good lighting or elves. Does an elf come with it? "

Alas, no elves come with the Modahaus. So the winner will have to learn how to use the photo studio the hard way!

I counted all the eligible entries and went over to The random number generator there selected the number associated with Tz Place!  Congratulations!

Lex McColl especially enjoyed reading all your encouraging comments.  A big thanks from him and me for making this giveaway so successful!
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