It's easy enough to do single chain wire crochet jewelry (see past tutorial links below). The most popular way is to make 3 strands and then braid it.  But you don't have to do it like that.  Cyndi Lavin over at Beading Arts has a few crochet wire necklace tutorials that will surely make you think differently!

Her Faerie Bells wire crochet necklace tutorial above looks like it might be braided. But it is not - she folded up a long crochet length several times and gathered them at the ends with short pieces of wire.  I like her way as you are not dealing with many wire ends.

Do you need to braid beaded crochet lengths? Nope.  Her pretty Moonstone Rainbow wire crochet necklace tutorial just leaves the chained lengths draped in the front.  The rest of the necklace adds more visual interest to the design. 

Her wire crochet necklace tutorial with top drilled pearls combines both wire work and stands of seed beads. It is in two posts - Part 1 and Part 2.

It may not be very comfortable for some people to have wire crochet around the back of the neck. So I really like how Cyndi steps down to just single bead strands at the back for all her designs.

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