One of my most popular past posts was the Hisssssterically Awesome Snake Earrings.There are apparently many people out there who love wearing snake jewelry.  You really don't have to like snakes to be able to make or wear snake jewelry!

Gina Michele over at Rock Mosaic wrote a fabulous tutorial on how to make a bead and leather snake stud earrings tutorial.  I love her funky and informal version inspired by Suzanna Dai's detailed original.  The use of bugle beads is what makes it so much fun!

The snake has endured as a powerful symbol for thousands of years. It features in the mythology of many cultures - the hydra and Medusa's hair in Greek mythology are just two examples. The snake is also one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac. The snake was worshiped as a god in Egypt and it adorned the Pharaoh's crown. 

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