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Heirloom Bridal Brooch Bouquets by Noaki

Flowers wilt.  So what could be better than a sparkling beautiful brooch bouquet on that special day?  Noaki on Etsy offers some absolutely stunning ones which brides can keep forever.  Her work is indeed breathtaking.

The stunning example above is her Cascading Tear Drop brooch bouquet.  The amount of work that goes into one of her pieces is staggering.  It takes her many hours to complete a design of this magnitude.

Part of her description reads, "The bouquet features rhinestone pieces of jewelry set in silver. I've also wired in dozens of purple glass faceted beads and attached Swarovski rhinestones to the petals of the cloth flowers, which are a dark gray. I also wired pieces at the bottom of the arrangement to give the bouquet a bit more movement and sparkle every step down the aisle."  And will the bride sparkle indeed!

Her journey towards her heirloom bridal brooch collection began with her grandmother's old Art Deco jewelry. They were still lovely but not to wear.  California based Noaki now haunts second hand shops and flea markets for vintage jewelry including cuff links, shoe clips and other accessories.

Brooch bouquet detail
As you can well imagine, each piece is either one of a kind or of a limited edition.

She also makes beautiful cake toppers such as the Blush jeweled one below :

I also liked her other items which feature rhinestone brooches. This awesome Champagne Lace clutch with trails of rhinestones around the lace motifs is one of my favorites.

It's not surprising that Noaki's work has been featured and published in various places!

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  1. Noaki's work is stunning.

    Any posts on restoring or cleaning old brooches?

  2. No, I don't have any posts about general restoring or cleaning. Every brooch is unique in what it needs.

  3. Wow , each bouquet is a work of art . It`s amazing how Noaki has combined the elements to make each one a stunner. And I love the clutch. It`s very beautiful. Thanks for sharing Pearl.

  4. When my daughter was getting married we admired many of the brooch bouquets on Etsy - from afar. We had a very limited budget so we made one. But not nearly as detailed or well crafted as these!

  5. Her work is just incredible! Such a perfect keepsake of a special day.

  6. That is truly awesome! ! I'll have to send you some pictures of the bouquets I'm making. They are made out of pine cones, and recently i have been beading gems and rhinestones on them.

  7. Please do, Rhonda! Would love to see your bouquets.


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