Do you hanker for a soldering iron?  You probably would if you take a look at this tutorial on how to make broken china earrings over at the Jovial Spondoodles blog.

Kerry did a splendid job in explaining how easy it is to make these.  You do have to use a couple of tools like the tile cutter and a soldering iron.

China can either be the remains of accidentally dropped plates or great yard sale or charity shop finds.

The other items like the copper tape and lead free solder can be obtained from hardware or electrical stores.  Your local stained glass supplier will also have these things as the general technique is used in this craft and will probably be able to help you out if you have more questions.  If you are thinking the same way I do, the answer is yes. You can indeed make small stained glass jewelry!

Don't want to learn a hot (as in temperature) technique? Then check out the middle link below!

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