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How to Make Interchangeable Earrings Tutorials

Interchangeable earrings are those which allow you to swap out dangles from the basic earrings.  This means you can an infinite number of different earrings based on the same ear wires or studs.

Natalie Girard shared a great video tutorial on how she makes her ear wires.  As you can easily guess, the dangles can be slipped on from the back end of the ear wires and the spiral like front keeps them on!  Genius.

The approach for stud earrings is different.   Emi of Small Good Things used chain dangles which are attached to the butterfly backs.  Make several chain dangles and butterfly back combinations and you can mix and match with any stud earrings.  Second genius!

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  1. Both ideas are simple and great! I've been doing this with ready made sterling silver kidney earwires but the difference is that Natalie's tutorial is doable and the earwires are pretty. The butterfly back idea... I'm speechless :)

  2. While I like the earrings, you can't see how she's coiling them at the beginning because she's not in view of the camera! Need to start this tutorial all over for us newbies!!!

  3. Jill - if it helps please check my past post on bail forming pliers - there is a video link which shows how to coil wires around the pliers.

    You haven't really missed much as all she is doing is coiling the wire around the pliers once. She does bring the pliers forward after that bit. I suggest you rewatch the video.


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