I like coiling wire to add to my wire work jewelry designs.  Making your own wire coils to cut up into jump rings saves money especially when you need lots for chain maille or for some designs.

But it's hard to know just how much wire you need.  When you are working with precious metals, that knowledge is really useful so you can be sure you have enough of the expensive materials.

Thank goodness for Perri Jackson. She shared an awesome guide on her site (Update :no longer available) to help us see quickly in the form of charts exactly how much wire is needed to make 1 cm, 1 inch or 1 foot coils depending on what size mandrels and what the wire gauge is!

Please read the instructions carefully at the beginning of the PDF which will help you read the charts properly.

Perri mentions the charts will also help wire workers who weave with wire. They can estimate how much wire they need "because weaves are basically just fancy, slightly wider, closely connected coils!!!"

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