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One Button Rope Bracelet Tutorial

Rope jewelry is a popular trend.  So I was especially taken with George's one button rope bracelet tutorial over on his What Knot blog because it is an innovative approach. 

What he does is basically make a rope fabric varying the infilled colors for color. He shares his tips including how to use a PVC coupling from the hardware store as a mold (note to self : use it as a wire work bracelet mandrel).

The carefully layered rope lengths are sewn together.  George also includes instructions on how to tighten these cross threads carefully while still maintaining a flat bracelet.  Who knew cable ties would come in handy for jewelry making?

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  1. Thanks Pearl, yes the hardware store is a great source of materials for all kinds of craft work. Here in Minneapolis we have a lot of well stocked neighborhood emporiums that have survived the arrival of the "big box" retailers. You can find many of the materials needed for this project in these places.


  2. Thank YOU for taking the time to share how it is done!

  3. What a great share, I absolutely am in love with rope jewelry!


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