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Use a Brooch for a No Sew Blouse Fitting Solution

We all come in different shapes and sizes.  So it is practically inevitable that sometimes clothes don't perfectly fit.  I've found myself sewing darts to take in a shirt or blouse that is too loose on the body and yet fits everywhere else.  It sure is a time consuming way of getting that slimmer look!

Picture by Jim Franco
Using a brooch to gather the excess fabric at the back is so much quicker and also decorative as well. Just make sure you pick a brooch that isn't too prickly when you lean back on a chair.

One more advantage - you can easily remove it if you fall off the diet wagon!


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  1. Haha! A great solution, love it, Pearl. And since I collect vintage brooches AND fall off the diet wagon on a regular basis, ideal for yours truly.

  2. Like the brooch idea. I have a section of blouses that I've been meaning to add darts to - bought them back in the day when blouses were over-sized and boxy. I think this should be a nice way to make them look more tailored.

    Also think a brooch would look much nicer than those pieces of elastic with alligator clips that
    they sell in the fabric shops. :)

  3. How nice to have many brooches to choose from, Michelle!

    Yes, brooches sure beats those ugly alligator clip versions!

  4. Genius! Another "why didn't I think of that?" idea! I was just wondering what to do with one of my favorite shirts that fits too loosely!

  5. Brilliant idea, I would never have thought of it.


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