I am now offering a choice of  getting the blog posts as a daily email post or if you prefer, a weekly newsletter compilation of the week's posts each Sunday. 

If you are a current subscriber and wish to switch, please unsubscribe first.  Go to the bottom of any of the daily posts you receive and click on the unsubscribe link.  

Then go to the blog itself and resubscribe. Be sure to select just one - the weekly or daily box. See example below :

RSS is a great alternative to email subscription as you don't clog up your inbox especially if you read a lot of blogs like I do!

However, nearly 2000 of you are still on Google Reader or iGoogle!   Remember come July 1, Google Reader is gone!  That's just 8 days away to switch to a new reader. iGoogle will be canned in November.

There are many, many free and paid readers out there so find one you like.  I myself have switched to the free service Feedly which imported all my subscriptions from Google Reader.  They will stay with Feedly once Google Reader bites the dust.

Feedly displays beautifully on computers and on  mobile devices.  You can choose between the magazine layout or a title format which is reminiscent of Google Reader's style.  Watch this video to see how to use it.

I also followed the directions in my Google Reader and downloaded all my subscriptions should I need to upload to another reader in the future.

Thanks for reading my blog!
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