Micro macrame jewelry is simply gorgeous.  Team it with wire and the results are even more spectacular.  Joan Babcock is the artisan best known for this innovative technique.

She started out in the fiber arts back in the 1960's when she was a youngster.  Macrame was all the rage then.  Joan says, " Over the years my work has continued to evolve as I've explored new techniques such as wire weaving, metal work, and bead mosaics."

She now makes incredible fiber sculptural works as well as jewelry. Her favorite jewelry pieces are the necklaces. Many of her pieces have either an Oriental or Aztec look about them.  The colors and clever knotting combined with wire are awe-inspiring.

Joan uses the cavandoli method of knotting which is distinguished by the geometric patterns and weaving style.

Joan teaches through workshops, online, dvds as well as through her books.  One such publication of hers is Wired Micro-Macramé Jewelry: Enhancing Fiber Designs with Wire.

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