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Doodle Wire Earrings Tutorials Just for Fun!

Doing wire work might be daunting for beginners.  That's why I so like forgiving projects where the informal approach still produces great looking pieces.  This really pretty Mesa Rose flower earrings tutorial by Sue over at Mr Micawber's Recipe for Happiness blog.  The turns are formed with either the round or chain nose pliers.

Also check out the No Sweat Easy Peasy Doodle earrings tutorial by Mallory Hoffman who writes the For the Love of Beads blog.

The links are basically funky spirals!  Mallory easily free forms them.  You might like to do a couple at the the same time to save time and get more consistent pairs.

Another suggestion I have is to draw a pattern on paper, then place your pliers - either chain nose or round nose - on the corners and bend the wire using the pattern as a guide as you go along.

Remember, have fun!


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  1. They're really cute and the second pair of earrings make me realize that maybe a pair of earrings do not have to be, absolutely - positively - perfectly identical. Sometimes, like a necklace, earrings look pleasantly interesting when they're asymmetrically different.

  2. I will have to give this a try as I am always fussing over making an identical pair of earrings.
    But I find the second pair that isn't regimented really looks lovely. Maybe I need to just loosen up a bit. :)


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