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Innovative Wire Work by Andreea Bololoi

There are many wonderful wire work artisans out there but few do something really different.  Romanian artisan, Andreea Bololoi, is one of them.  I first stumbled upon her work on Facebook and was enchanted with her refreshing contemporary style.

Her Micro Macroscopic collection shows off her attention to detail and her amazing talent of translating natural inspirations like sea anemone or even pomegranate seeds to wire jewelry designs.  She uses just thick silver wire and seed beads for most of her designs.

Andreea has been working hard branding her jewelry business from logo down to her distinctive style of craft booth display shown on her blog, which really shows off her designs very well. A wonderful inspirational designer!

Andreea now has a shop on Designer Craft.

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  1. I totally agree! Contemporary and bold!

  2. Absolutely Stunning and totally inspiring. What technique! totally unbelievable thats its handmade

  3. Beautiful wire work! What a great eye for design.

  4. Beautiful wire work! what a great talent!

  5. A truly artistic work! What a vision and well mastered technique!

  6. Thank you so much for your appreciation! :)

  7. Innovative absolutely ! Phenomenal indubitably. I adore her Sea Anemone earrings, just to name one of many pieces that caused my heart to flutter.

    I also liked her unique table displays, they truly highlight each piece, making it like a sculpture upon a pedestal. Attractive and clever.

  8. What an unusual way of using wirework, and so effective! Beautiful!


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