Perri of Shaktipaj Designs' wire jewelry tutorial giveaway last week was very, very popular.  How did I know this?   Vicky left this this funny comment,  "Can you be bribed? Or do I have to resort to begging? Oh, just random chance - fingers and toes all crossed then :)"  

Everyone simply adored Perri's intricate designs.  Other comments included "Perri owns wirework" and "Perri blows my mind" as many were especially taken with the elegant wire work and really wanted to learn how to do it.

Vicky is right though.  I cannot be bribed and I am deaf to all pleas.  What I did was to number all the eligible entries - and there were many - and then used the random number generator over on random org.  It generated the winning number which was assigned to barleecreations!  Congratulations!
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