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Amazing Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Wire Dreamers

The word is mind-boggling.  It's the only way I can describe the one of a kind wire wrapped work produced by Wire Dreamers.  There are simpler designs but the intricate and densely wire wrapped argentium silver and gemstone pendants are the ones which really captivate.

The pair of artisans behind Wire Dreamers are still in their twenties.   For much of his early childhood, Mondazom Fairchild Petala, who was born in Oregon, traveled to various music festivals in a school bus with his parents. Even  then, he was already making and selling friendship bracelets, sage, crystals and many other things.  At 13, his father took him to the Tuscon Gem Show and soon after, he got into wire wrapping and began to sell his work at summer music festivals.

The other half of this extraordinary team is Tanjelene (Tangie) Deese from Hawaii. Always artistic, she took up wire wrapping after she met Mondazom at the Sierra Nevada Music Festival. They now work closely together and have cultivated a distinctive style of their own.  Tangie woke up from a dream with a design idea back in 2007 and that's how their store got the name.

Their work is now found in stores around the US.  It's also not surprising to see the huge following on their Facebook page!

This astonishing piece adorned a picture of a dragon - the picture appeared as a coupon code on their Facebook page.

 Simply amazing!

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  1. Mindboggling, yes. I don't even know how you START with something like that. These are amazing!

  2. The word I used on Facebook is gobsmacked!! English slang I believe for mind boggling!

  3. Absolutely awe inspiring. I was struck dumb when I pulled up your page.

  4. Wow. Seriously impressive! They are incredibly talented.

  5. I'm speechless - literally speechless !!!

  6. Beautiful pendants...the deign of the pendants is giving it a vintage look which makes these pendants more precious.


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